July 12

Hello Kindergarten World!

Welcome to Kinderswrite2read!!

I am so glad you stopped by!  I hope that you find this blog a fun place to stop in for great advice on teaching Kindergarten kids all kinds of good things!  My focus will be on writing…but you never know what may happen in my classroom…so we will see what ends up here!  I am also a trained chef and a weekend crafter…so some of that might sneak in too!!

I have been teaching Kindergarten for the last 15 years…amazing how time flies!!  And now I am trying to teach an old dog new tricks!!  I have stepped into the blogging world and the Teachers Pay Teachers world all in one big step!  I think I now know how our little Kinders must feel when we throw so much at them the first weeks of school!  But I too am finding out that learning something new is scary and fun all in one!

So, please stick with me as I learn and grow!  🙂  I hope to improve and develop my skills as the year goes on…so stick with me!!  I imagine I can learn a thing or two from you all as well!  So feel free to gently share your advice on all this new tech stuff.

I just opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store with a lot of the emergent writers I use in my classroom with my Kinders!  If you are looking for a way to boost your kiddos sight word knowledge and reading skills, pop over to my store.  If you go to Teacherspayteachers.com and search for Kinderswrite2read you will find all my good stuff!  Help yourself to the free Book #1.  I’ve learned a few things since posting that…so hopefully if you like that one, you will like my other ones even more! (Someday I will know how to make a live link and you will just be able to click to go!)

I am so lucky to get to attend the SDE I Teach K! National Conference in Las Vegas next week (who’s idea was it to send K. teachers to Vegas?)  Usually I have so many ideas after that conference I don’t know what to do with them all!!  This year I plan to share many of the great things I learn there, HERE!!  I hope you come back to see all that I bring back to the classroom!  I will have fun photos and ideas to post!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I know how valuable your time is, and I hope to make my spot on the web worth your while!